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Tired of invading dungeons? It’s time you built your own!

War for the Overworld is a Dungeon Management Game that employs your favourite aspects of the RTS and God Game genres. Assume the role of an evil Underlord and carve out your dungeon to conquer the overworld and crush the goodly heroes of the Empire!

Game Modes


Take the fight to the Empire across 13 unique, fully-voiced campaign levels. Expand your experience with Heart of Gold to add a new story with 4 additional levels.


Face off against devious AI opponents in Skirmish mode, or human rivals in online Multiplayer.

Map Editor

Create and share your own Skirmish, Multiplayer, Sandbox and Scenario maps, or experience hundreds more from the Steam Workshop.

Game Features

Evil is back

Assume the role of an evil Underlord in charge of your very own dungeon. Under the guidance of your devilish mentor, direct your minions using your godlike powers.


Command over 60 unique units including nefarious Gnarlings, workaholic Workers, cryptic Cultists, and sadistic Succubi.


Fill your dungeon with 18 rooms, each with its own function. Train Beasts in the Arena, fortify your walls with the Garrison, or torture bonny heroes in your Torture Chamber.


Invoke the arcane might of 16 powerful spells - spawn Workers, call down lightning, heal your units, or even possess one of your minions and see the dungeon through their eyes.


Forge 12 devious defensive traps - from Portcullises to Bombards, to the slicing Blade Lotus! There are many ways to eviscerate a would-be adventurer.


Assemble 7 unique constructs, from devastating Underminer bombs that destroy enemy walls, to blazing Ember Rifts which summon endless waves of explosive demons.


Drop 9 unique potions into your dungeon to unleash icy Frost Weavers, torch an area in Hellfire, or simply enhance your minions with haste, experience or work efficiency.


Channel 11 map-wide rituals to fill your coffers with gold, raise an unyielding army of Wraiths, or decimate the entire realm.


Summon one of 4 powerful Titans and bring your enemies to heel. Choose from the unstoppable Behemoth, immovable Eternal, enigmatic Archon, or glimmering Colossus.

War for the Overworld - Heart of Gold

War for the Overworld’s first expansion, Heart of Gold continues where the story left off, with 4 earth-shattering new Campaign levels, a smattering of new defences, units and spells, and a gleaming new Dungeon Theme!

Key Features

  • - An expanded story told across 4 brand new, fully voice acted Campaign levels, this time played from the perspective of Underlord Kasita. The levels are more open-ended than in the original game, directly addressing feedback from our most loyal players.

  • - An additional 4 Aspects to master: Sentinel (defence), Gild (spell), Aureate Monolith (construct), and a golden Titan - the Colossus.

  • - A new Dungeon Theme for Kasita, which includes a Dungeon Core, new tiles and walls, a Worker skin, and a much-requested custom Hand of Evil.

  • - New terrain, system overhauls, Map Editor features and much more!

War for the Overworld - My Pet Dungeon

My Pet Dungeon is the chilled-out management experience in War for the Overworld - an 8-level campaign voiced by Richard Ridings and focused on exploration and discovery, where the only restriction is your own devilish fancy.

Key Features

  • - Eight-level sandbox-style campaign with a more relaxed pacing than the main game. Reach the target score, go after the bonus objectives, or just revel in the dungeons of your dreams. (Two levels available for free.)

  • - Grab heroes from the new Toybox room and drop them anywhere in the map. Or summon single or indefinite waves of enemies to put your dungeon through its paces.

  • - Complete My Pet Dungeon to unlock God Mode: reshape the levels or spawn units from thin air - all in real time!

  • - New terrain awaits you: rock-solid Obsidian and new snowy terrain variants. Do well and you’ll also unlock three classic and newly-refined Empire Dungeon Themes!


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The Ultimate Collection is the ultimate War for the Overworld experience:

  • - Standard Edition

  • - Underlord Edition

  • - Heart of Gold Expansion

  • - My Pet Dungeon Expansion

  • - The Under Games Expansion


Make your dungeon stand out with the Underlord Edition

  • - Standard Edition

  • - Sovereign Dungeon Theme

  • - Game soundtrack

  • - Dungeoneer's Guide


Bring the Empire to its knees and conquer the realm of Kairos

  • - Feature length Campaign

  • - Skirmish

  • - Sandbox & Scenarios

  • - Multiplayer

  • - Survival

  • - Map Editor